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CrossFit Fears?

“I can’t do that!” “You guys are crazy!” “CrossFit is too intense!” We get it… CrossFit looks intimidating from the outside and usually sends people running. We are afraid of what we don’t know. It’s human nature to fear the unknown. But, think about any moment in time where you accomplished a task that made you feel great - was it challenging? Did it pull you out of your comfort zone and push you to be better? Sure it did! Why? Because most things that are worth doing require a level of virtuosity, energy, and commitment. CrossFit will prepare you for any task that life demands, both physically and mentally. It will make you stronger and more confident in all facets of life. Don’t believe it? We dare you to try…

We have made the starting process very easy at RCFGC..........

1. Come in to one of our Beginner Sessions which are on at 7pm on Mondays and Wednesdays or Saturdays at 6am - there is no need to book! Have your towel, water and something comfortable to wear and a great attitude!

2. Fill in the required paperwork and speak to one of our coaches who will run through the processes and procedures that happen in a normal session.

3. Buy a 6 session pass for $60 (payment upfront required). This will be checked off each time you come in. Once the 6 sessions are complete, you will be required to have a 1-1 chat with one of our coaches in regards to joining the Mainstream classes.

4. Throughout the 6 sessions, the majority of Crossfit movements will be covered as well as other information such as Nutrition, Recovery, Rest, Intesity, Injury Prevention, Scalability, Mobility, Specialty Classes and Competitions!

5. Want to Fast Track your Beginner sessions? A new option to get started quicker is doing 1-1 sessions with one of our trainers which will cost $60 per session. You are required to attend all 3 sessions which will cover all the information we cover in the 6 Beginner classes. These classes will be run outside of normal class times. Email with "Fast Track" as the subject to get started today!


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