Success Stories

These are real life stories from people in our community who have changed their lives!
"After 8 years of the same routine doing weight sessions at the gym and training on the road in a racing chair, I was starting to get bored and ultimately not enjoying my training! I came across Crossfit after seeing YouTube video on a mates Facebook wall. I decided to Google Crossfit and wheelchairs to see if there was anyone else in a wheelchair having a go at this type of fitness training. While searching I came across Reebok Crossfit Gold Coast and went down to the box to have a chat to Rookie to see if it was possible for a person in a wheelchair to have a crack at Crossfit. The answer to my question was ‘yeah, why F@%king not?!” after that response I knew I was in the right place! I was made welcome from the very first session and if anything I’m continually pushed to have a go and test the limits of my ability! No doubt the best part of RCFGC is the ‘family’ feeling you get when you walk in the front door! Not only does everyone know and motivate each other, you feel as though your part of a team. For me personally, the fact that the instructors are willing to work with me and adapt the WOD to suit me and my ability is great! Training is no longer boring and if anything has ignited the competitiveness within me and given me the motivation and drive to work hard for the next 4 years to have a go at the 2016 Paralympic games in Rio and you never know perhaps Crossfit may open a classification for people in wheelchairs to compete in Crossfit games! Thanks Rookie and RCFGC for making me feel so welcome!"

Danny “Wheels” Trollope

"I’ve been training at RCFGC for about 12 months now and wouldn’t have started if it wasn’t for a ‘crossfit’ mate who wouldn’t take no for an answer. I had been victim to the occasional globo gym routine over the last few years. This usually bored me to tears which made consistency impossible. After my first session at RCFGC I was completely hooked. At first I wasn’t really sure why I enjoyed this place so much, day in day out. It’s a number of aspects that really makes this place addictive; the physical exertion, the atmosphere and most importantly the awesome people at the gym. A year on and I have met many amazing people and have never been fitter and healthier in all my life. Couldn’t imagine life without it!"

Sam Sewell

"Here it is, the old cliché, “CrossFit changed my life,” but for me it actually has. Before CrossFit I played rugby union. As Rookie would know all too well I lived for the game and for training ?….. not so much. Any fitness session that was scheduled would normally result in me getting a rub down or "stretching" which for those who know me is highly unlikely. But the truth is I hated training, I hated fitness training. I was lazy. My CrossFit journey coincided with the birth of my first child, my second knee reconstruction and the end of my rugby career. It was early 2009 and I was recovering from surgery. I was overweight and unfit and was looking for a way to get back in shape, or at least try. As you do I signed up for a 12 week PT course at the local GYM. I HATED IT! It just wasn’t my thing. I didn’t enjoy it, I wasn’t invested in it, I was doomed to fail. I recall catching up with Rookie at a mutual friends function and, as he does, he was spruiking the benefits of CrossFit. I was intrigued enough, and unsatisfied with my current results, to give it a try. Rookie’s “what have you got to lose” mentality was impressed upon me and thrust me into the world of CrossFit. Day after day I found myself turning up at Rookie’s home gym pushing myself beyond the limits that I thought it could go. Usually these workouts resulted with me curled up in the foetal position on his driveway, lawn and garage praying for the pain and sickness to go away. But it awakened something in me, something that makes me want to push myself, something that wants me to be better.. It was also the comradery and mateship that was so integral to Rookie’s Box that made this style of training so appealing. The high fiving, the banter the support, all add to the CrossFit experience. CrossFit has given me so much. It has changed my outlook on health and training. It enables me to continue to strive to be a better version of me. But most importantly it is the infectious nature of CrossFit. It is the impact it has on the family around you that makes it unique. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who wants to give it a try. It will change your life too. "

Blair Wilkes

"Since starting my Crossfit journey 8 months ago, I have found a whole new world of fitness possibilities and challenges. I decided that I needed something new; a different type of training, away from my usual swimming, running and general strength workouts to add another dimension to my fitness regime when I signed up for Crossfit. Now, I am a Crossfit Convert! I love that each Crossfit session combines all facets of fitness to give you the best overall workout. After my daily hour of sweating and slogging it out, I walk away feeling pumped, invigorated and excited for the next session. Reebok Crossfit Gold Coast affiliate is a place where everyone of any fitness level, sporting background, physical capacity or lifestyle pursuit is welcomed. I have personally found Jeremy and his team of Crossfit coaches to be tough yet supportive, brutal (in the good sense!) but caring, highly trained and skilled and above all, inspirational. The positive energy and encouragement that I have received not only from the coaches, but from my fellow Crossfitters is motivating and uplifting and not once have I felt out of place like some other health and fitness centres can leave you! I would recommend Jeremy and his team of Crossfit coaches to anyone, especially if you need a change from your regular daily workout, or if you need a new challenge and don’t mind a bit hard work thrown in with the enjoyment and satisfaction of knowing that you are doing something positive for your health. You won’t regret it! Lou Exercise Physiologist and Crossfit Convert!! "

Louise Ferguson

"I had never heard of CrossFit until November 2011 at the Immortals Teams Challenge. We had the coffee cart there and I thought everyone who was competing were athletes of other sports, then soon found out they were all CrossFitters. I played badminton for South Australia for 15 years and had to stop because of a shoulder injury. I had been going to the gym and running on an off for a few years and got bored with it. My body was in so much pain and my back was just getting worse, so I went to see a Chiropractor who said that I need to be exercising every day or I won't be walking in 12 months time. After seeing Ashley Buck at Zarrafas who convinced me to get started I then began CrossFit in April and I haven't stopped smiling since. The workouts almost kill me every time but I have no pain anymore. I am getting back to the level of fitness that I was use to but now I am feeling stronger than I ever have. It's the great team atmosphere and the encouragement of the coaches that keep me coming back. I am stepping way out of my comfort zone and achieving a few things I never thought I could. Thanks Rookie and everyone at RCFGC. "

Jamey Crawford

"I started Crossfit about 9 months ago after a few of my mates kept raving about it. I had always tried to keep fit but this was taking things to a whole other level. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep putting myself through this kind of pain every workout! But after a while the challenge of being able to get through the punishment got me hooked and before too long I found myself in the box most mornings and loving it. It's a really fun happy atmosphere with plenty of jokes and lots of sincere care about how everyone in the group is going which makes it a great thing to be part of. You never get bored because every workout is different and being able to compete in the Open each year lets you test how far you've progressed and where you rank in the world - which is pretty cool. I've never been fitter in my life and it really helps me power through each day at work - so glad I gave it a go."

Sam Dalzell

"CFGC – thanks for changing my life!!! I had done the gym thing over the years with waning interest. Then my daughter nagged me to try this new ‘FAD’ Crossfit. Starting 6 months ago with many factors not on my side, like age and motivation I have now lost over 12kg, can maneuver with some flexibility and enjoy most daily sessions. However they aren’t the good things about CF. At the Reebok GC Crossfit box, it’s the people that make the difference. From the trainers who are passionate about what they do, to the gym goers that find themselves vulnerable in each other’s company. But don’t be put off by that. That’s the secret to the CFGC success. The head trainers know you are there to challenge yourself, not everyone else, they push you just enough, support your efforts to the end and you come away fitter, faster, better and way healthier. There will always be someone there better than you, but no-one cares! This sport is about people first and foremost! AMAZING "

Gary Jeffress

Father, Educator and Crossfitter

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