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Beginners Class

The course will consist of 6 one hour sessions where you will be introduced to CrossFit through lectures, movements, and workouts (WODs). Once completed, you are able to move into the Mainstream Class!

Mainstream Class

This is our main workout class incorporating high intensity, constantly varied, functional movements! This class is fully scalable, so regardless of whether you have been with us for 5 years or 5 minutes we can and will, work with you to achieve your goals whatever they may be!

Olympic Lifting Class

This class is deisgnied to help you further your understanding and execution of the Olympic lifts. Become a stronger, faster, and more efficient athlete. Please note, these classes are so popular they require a separate booking and are at an additional cost.

Open Gym Class 

Want to work on your weaknesses? Build your skills? Test your strength or stretch? Then this open session is for you. Whilst a member of our coaching staff will be present to guide you, there is no structure to this session and all members are welcome to use this time as they please.

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