How much does it cost?

First of all … there are NO CONTRACTS!  Unlike the big franchise gyms, when you train with us you will not need to have an interview with a “membership consultant”, nor will you have to sign-up for any contract term.

Beginner Sessions via 6 Session Pass - $60

Subsequent Beginner Sessions 10 Session Pass - $200

The number of beginner sessions that you will be required to do depends on your level of fitness and experience.  Your first session will cost nothing and allows you to experience what a CrossFit session is like, with the next 5 sessions costing $60. You can then purchase a 10 session pass  for $200. This can be used for further Beginner sessions, or for group classes. Your trainer will let you know when you are ready to transition into the Mainstream classes. Once you have completed 10 sessions a trainer will meet with you to help you sign up your Monthly Membership.

Monthly Membership Fee - unlimited sessions via direct debit only
Direct Debit (via EzyPay) - $200
Emergency Services - $160 (Police/Ambulance/Fire)

Students - $160

Casual Fee for Visitors

Casual (Drop In) - $25 (for visiting CrossFitters*)

Casual Week (Drop In) - $70 (For Interstate Visitors only)

Reebok Crossfit Gold Coast Barbell Club

1 x per week, $80 per month

• This will be added to your monthly payment.

Casual rates - $20 per session depending on availability.

We only accept cash or electronic funds transfer (EFT).  For regular members we prefer direct debit as we have found this to be the simplest method for both parties.  Direct debits can be setup by filling out the appropriate form when you are next at training.  You will need your BSB and account number. 


Fees are subject to change
A discount applies for additional family members
*The casual rate is intended for CrossFitters that are visiting us.  It is not an acceptable ongoing payment method for regular members.
There is no contract term associated with the Direct Debit payment method.  It can be cancelled at any time.
Direct Debit can be placed on hold if you are away for more than 2 weeks (eg work or holidays).  The training fees take into account public holidays and the occasional week off, but if your training is interrupted for longer we will gladly delay your direct debit payment until your return.

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